Programme available June 6-10, 2010 - Hamburg, Germany
Organized by GDMB Gesellschaft für Bergbau, Metallurgie, Rohstoff- und Umwelttechnik e.V.
with support of
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Welcome to Hamburg!

Axel GedaschkoIn the name of the Hamburg Senate, I should like to welcome you to the 7th international copper conference „Copper 2010“ in Hamburg. I am delighted that the GDMB Gesellschaft für Bergbau, Metallurgie, Rohstoff- und Umwelttechnik e. V. has succeeded in bringing this event to Hamburg. The decision will certainly have been influenced by the fact that Aurubis, which is the leading copper group in Europe and the largest copper recycler worldwide, has its headquarters here.

The Hamburg Senate’s declared aim is to secure the future viability of the industry in the Hamburg region. This applies in particular to primary industry, which contributes a great deal to economic prosperity in the City. In addition, Hamburg, as the European Green Capital 2011, has also set itself high targets for environmental and climate protection. The primary industry is very aware of its environmental responsibility and sets benchmarks worldwide for the development and use of environmentally sound products and production processes. Hamburg was predestined to be the conference host, even if questions on the compatibility of the economy and ecology cannot always take priority in view of the great number of different presentations.

As the Senator of the Department for Economic and Labour Affairs, I am of course particularly interested in this subject. It is often claimed in public debates that above-average environmental standards represent a competitive disadvantage for industries that handle hazardous substances, and encourage production relocations to more cost-effective locations. However it should not be overlooked that environmental standards can trigger innovations that increase the company’s productivity and competitiveness. It should also be mentioned that countries, which have attributed greater significance to sustainable development up to now, are more willing in general to raise environmental standards as incomes grow.

I wish the organisers every success with „Copper 2010“ and that the participants from all over the world enjoy interesting presentations on the copper industry and its research and development. I also hope that you will find time outside the conference to take a look at the attractions of our lively and cosmopolitan city.

Axel Gedaschko
Senator of the Department for Economic and Labour Affairs

Welcome to Cu 2010

Hans JacobiFor the first time, the GDMB Society for Mining, Metallurgy, Resource and Environmental Technology is organizing the Copper / Cobre Conference – Cu2010. It will be held from June 6 to 10, 2010 in Hamburg. We are very proud and glad that our international friendly associations have chosen us for this special task.

Dear Copper 2010 participants,

Mankind is dealing with copper since millenniums. Copper has caused both a blessing and a curse and it is needed as ever for a comfortable living and for an effective operating machinery.

Already in the past metallurgical engineers have learnt to add copper to other metals and as a result produced material with exceptional properties. How about energy supply, communication technology, aerospace technology – unfortunately even the weaponry – without copper or without copper based alloys. Depending on copper are minings, carriers, processing industry, recycling companies and many demanding customers – and is finally our economic status.

That is why since millenniums the metallurgical engineers are busy improving the methods of extraction and processing with a minimum environmental impact. Without the exchange of experiences the technology would not have the high level of today.

So I am very pleased to invite you to another exchange of experiences. Come to Hamburg and meet your colleagues from all over the world!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Jacobi
President of
GDMB Gesellschaft für Bergbau, Metallurgie, Rohstoff- und Umwelttechnik e.V.

Copper – Indicator of the progress of civilization

This is the motto for the 7th international copper conference, the most important copper seminar in the world, which has been organized by the GDMB, the German based Society for Mining, Metallurgy, Resource and Environmental Technology, together with IIMCH from Chile, MetSoc from Canada, TMS, SME from USA and MMIJ from Japan.

The copper conferences bring together the highest level of science and technology: universities, metal producers, manufacturing companies, suppliers and finally the people who work with copper: scientists, technicians, engineers, traders and many more.

An extensive programme has been arranged for this conference and an abundance of contributions from all over the world dealing with the different aspects of copper making and its use are registered already, for which we gratefully thank the authors. Apart from plenary addresses, separate sessions will be held for economics, mineral processing, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrowinning and refining, downstream fabrication and application, process control and automation, recycling and sustainable development, environmental control, health and safety. Copper, one of the oldest metals used by mankind, is still today one of the most important industrial metals and indispensable for modern life. It is the indicator of industrialization and progress in every country. It is used everywhere, where electricity flows and thus is still valued so highly today. The increased economic potential of newly industrialized countries, above all East Asia and China, has increased the significance of the red metal once again. More recent technologies in production, processing and application often provide new answers to old questions. From the middle of the last century there was another innovation surge resulting in totally new technologies, a trend still going on. This has made each copper conference into an exciting adventure. It is positive and reassuring that particularly the high industrialized countries have become the vanguard, not just in technical innovation, but also protection of environment and nature and preserving resources. They repeatedly prove that ecology and economy may go hand in hand.

Many sponsors have contributed to the conference’s success, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks!

Hamburg is expecting its guests ! Hamburg, the old Hanseatic city with a 1,200 year long tradition, one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Germany, combines a wonderful mixture of industry, commerce, nature and culture. Not only the “Copper 2010” in the Congress Centre awaits you, but rich offerings of sightseeing and shopping in a cosmopolitan city, one of the largest harbours in Europe, the Alster lake in the city centre, green parks and plenty of cultural events, some of which we hope to show you in the companions programme.

We are delighted that you will join us and look forward to a highly interesting conference !

Michael Kopke
Chairman Copper 2010